UX process within a EV Charging Company

What is UX for EV Chargers?

UX process within a EV Charging Company

Skills used

Design Process

An Overview presentation of UX Practices at Zaptec

I was invited to deliver a short presentation at Zaptec, aimed at elucidating the integral role of User Experience (UX) within the organization. This was an opportunity not only to engage with internal teams but also to lay out the methodologies that guide our approach to solving pressing UX challenges.

The Role of Design

One of the key points of the presentation was to clarify that design is not just about aesthetics; it's a comprehensive, systematic approach. We utilize a variety of methodologies and skills to enhance the user interface and experience, making products more intuitive and efficient.

Case Study: Electricians and the Zaptec Portal

The presentation included a specific case study focusing on the user group of electricians. Through extensive stakeholder interviews, we were able to identify and define design challenges and user pain points, particularly regarding the existing 'installation flow' within the Zaptec Portal.

UX process within a EV Charging Company

Solutions Through Methodology

The methodology deployed for this case study was based on Lean UX practices and involved journey mapping the entire installation process. The goal was to simplify the existing workflow, thereby enhancing user experience. This was also a testament to the power of cross-departmental collaboration within Zaptec.

UX process within a EV Charging Company

Validation and Future Directions

A prototype was developed in Figma as part of the case study and subsequently tested with real users for validation. The talk also touched upon ongoing initiatives, including educational presentations and the introduction of Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures to continually assess and improve user experience.

You can watch the presentation I gave below on YouTube.