Creating a brand strategy, designing products and ecommerce store


Creating a brand strategy, designing products and ecommerce store

Skills used

Next JS

Brette: Revolutionising Luxury Bathroom Living with Next.js and Tailwind

For the high-end bathroom accessories company Brette, I developed an ecommerce store using cutting-edge technologies like the Next.js 13 framework, Tailwind for UI design, and Stripe for seamless payment integrations.

Located at the intersection of Oslo's innovation and designer aesthetics, Brette offers a unique range of products that are folded and laser-cut from stainless steel, capturing the very essence of Scandinavian design.

Creating a brand strategy, designing products and ecommerce store

Technical Overview

I chose the Next.js 13 framework for its robust features, such as server-side rendering and static site generation, which are ideal for delivering high-performance and SEO-friendly applications.

I employed Tailwind CSS to design a clean and responsive user interface, ensuring a visually cohesive experience across various devices.

To handle secure and straightforward transactions, I integrated Stripe, a trusted name in online payments.

Branding, Copy, and Product Design

Significant focus was placed on branding to match the high-quality nature of Brette's products. I developed an elegant visual language that mirrors the complex nuances of Scandinavian design.

The copy was carefully crafted to encapsulate Brette's brand essence, acting as both an informational and emotional bridge between the products and the consumers.

Beyond the digital realm, I also took on the design of the physical products. Each accessory is crafted in North Europe, following stringent quality control measures to ensure they meet Brette's high standards.

Name branding

The name Brette is more than just a label; it embodies the company's design ethos. Derived from the Norwegian word for 'fold,' the name captures the minimalist and functional design inherent in each product.

It serves as a constant reminder of the brand's roots in Oslo, a city renowned for its innovative spirit and aesthetic sensibility.


By harmonising technological prowess with design sophistication, the ecommerce store for Brette stands as a testament to the power of modern web development tools and frameworks in creating experiential retail platforms.

This project underscores the transformative impact of integrating technology with thoughtful design, offering consumers an unparalleled online shopping experience for luxury bathroom accessories.

Creating a brand strategy, designing products and ecommerce store