Hanger Project

The hanger project combines different accessible household items to create a trellis-like object for climbing plants. The project has a strong consideration for its environmental impact; by selecting accessible materials that should pre-exist in households. The material selected can be either recycled or biodegrade and when the hanger reaches end of life. It can easily be disassembled and put into existing areas of the circular economy or biodegrade in standard waste streams.

The project's aim was for the City of Yarra to provide residences, simple instructions on how to make the hanger. These would be used to grow plants such as; sugar peas, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and other climbing plants in an urban agricultural setting—focusing on laneway gardens such as standard backyards. The residences fabricate the project themselves, subtly introduce them to the concept of Open Design and could also assist in reduce waste thinking.

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Images by - Stephen Royce - Renders

The hanger project is influenced by other Open Design projects such as ‘OpenStructures’ where the modular design and fabrication method is democratising, making product creation more accessible to laypeople.

It sets out to design an accessible, environmentally responsible, trellis-like artefact in urban agricultural settings. Using an Open Design modular system that has ease of disassembly and material considerations at the heart of the project.

The hanger project targets home gardens using everyday household items such as old wire coat hangers and timber gardening stakes.

The project relies on home gardeners to follow step by step instructions provided by the City of Yarra.

Higher-level design considerations such as designing for a circular economy reinforced the choice of accessible household materials. The materials needed should be easily obtained, easy to work with, and designed for ease of replacement.

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