Bevel Bath

The Bevel formally known as the Bento freestanding bath, was designed as a part of Formed's range of solid surface products. The shape was initially inspired by the traditional Japanese bento box maker Takenaka. Their simple, clean shapes angles and soft curves were used to make the bath practical to bathe in.

The hero image for Bevel Bath side profile of a large white bento bath
The hero image for Bevel Bath front view of the bento bath
The hero image for Bevel Bath a close up view of the bento bath, showing the detail of the external radius
Images by - Haydn Cattach

The design was later incorporated into United Products initial product range.

The Bevel has been designed to comfortably fit two people sitting opposite each other at a generous depth, so the bather is fully immersed in water.

Cast from Solid Surface, the bath retains its heat for longer and is soft to touch.