Stock Control App

Tool used

Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Overflow

United Products Stock Control App was designed to integrate a simple to use warehouse app, that syncs with UPA's accounting software through ruby

Stock Control App

Design Brief


To design an intuitive, easy to use and useful stock control app, to be used by warehouse staff that can quickly look up stock quantities, order stock and receipt stock in.  

The stock will be automatically adjust when sales are entered in to Xero.

Design Method

The app started with observing what the main functions a warehouse manager undertakes.

This broke down in the clients case into;

  • Receiving requests from sales staff to check stock quantities

  • Finding out if that stock was available at another warehouse

  • If 'out of stock', if any are on order from the factory, when the item would arrive

  • Ordering new stock

  • Receiving the new stock

With these tasks, the first two requests seemed to be the most frequent requests, it was important that this information was on the opening screen.

The app was broken down in to the 4 main categories a warehouse manager at United Products preforms.

In Stock | Order Stock | On Order | Receive Goods 

From each of the categories was used as a bottom menu, to easily switch between the major tasks of the job.

The wire frame of the app was taken to the users for initial feedback.

From there a number of feature request were made and added.  Mainly packaging information and the option to have the ability to QR scan the box label to bring up the order information.  The QR request feature was removed to the complexity and cost involved. 

The app was completed up to the code implication stage ready for hand over to an external developer. 

Stock Control App