Small Appliance

Tool used

Fusion 360

As an electronic industrial-designed object, the clothes iron is incredibly rudimentary. Electricity transfers to a resistor which heats a steel or aluminium plate, allowing a regulated temperature to be held between 110° Celsius to 240°  Celsius. In basic terms, the clothes iron transfers electricity from the wall socket into heat.

Photo by Kristoffer Paulsen

Small Appliance

With retail prices ranging from $7.50 to $200+, the principles have remained almost the same since its invention in 1882.

While early generation clothes irons used standard screws for disassembly, newer clothes irons use tamper proof screws requiring specific tools to break down and repair.

Presented as a stovetop, Small Appliance deconstructs the clothes iron from its sleek plastic designed outer shell to its true form, a metal plate that provides a controllable heat source.

An ongoing collaborative practice between Hardiman and Royce, Small Appliance explores a consumer product in complete opposition to the technology explored in their first collaboration Open Garden (2020) through mobile phones.

Photo by Kristoffer Paulsen [1], Dale Hardiman [2]

Rendered concept by Stephen Royce