Open Garden - Digital Mirror

Tool used

Constructed from broken LCD screens, Open Garden - 'Digital Mirror' explores the reanimation of discarded technology and our disassociation from the complex materials of devices that are increasingly becoming more ingrained within our lives.

Open Garden - Digital Mirror

For Open Garden, Hardiman and Royce have developed a method which allows the LCD panels from common handheld devices to be controlled, establishing a new surface to create from.

The exhibition title refers to the 'walled garden', a term used to describe a closed system that prevents technology to be freely used by the owner of the device. Presented as a series of lighting and reflective pieces, Open Garden projects a glow synonymous with handheld devices.

The LCD panels utilised for Open Garden are sourced from post-consumer waste products from phone repair businesses, which, instead of recycling the materials, usually place them directly into landfill.

Designwork 04 is part of Melbourne Design Week 2020, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria.

Photography by Jonathon Griggs